Trail Trekin'
and the search for Doug Wood

Finally! We're on the trails again.  Seems like it's been a while.  We had a good Friday group together this weekend trip, with time to play before dinner.  So we gathered up the troops and headed down the valley to the only logical route to the dinner spot, though the mud!

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P6080151.jpg (26135 bytes)    Always something different each time we hit the trails up here.  This time Eric  brought his golf clubs along with a bag of old golf balls.  hey, this looks like a good place to drive a few!  Thhwapp!

Then it was into the valley and through that mud pit along the creek that came out of nowhere last time up here.

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Carl makin' waves in his TJ.
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 This was one of our typical crossing spots.  The creek was high and running fast with all the rain in the past few days so we opted to cross here where the water would be lower.  Unfortunately, a 6-wheeler crossed the path.  I tested the waters thinking I could climb the bank next to the 6-wheeler and pull it up and out of the way. But the water was pushing pretty hard on the truck with it only to get deeper as I crossed. It wasn't worth the risk of getting washed downstream so we had to backtrack.

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 3198.jpg (21737 bytes) 3195.jpg (23390 bytes) that Doug Woods 6-wheeler?? 
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