Trail Trekin'
and the search for Doug Wood

Left turn and connect to another trail. Up the mountain to a spectacular view.  Time for another round of golf.  A few of us took a some shots at firing a one straight down the trail to the valley below.  I don't think any of us should quit our day job anytime soon to take up golf.  The squirrels were ducking that day as we sliced them into the woods.


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A short break and we were back down the trail.

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Take a look at the picture to the left.  See the Land Cruiser in front of the truck (my truck) taking the picture?  Under the Land Cruiser, runs a drainage pipe.  I'm not following the line that Amador in his Land Cruiser is taking, I'm in the mud to the right.  At the point where that pipe runs under the trail it ends. Right in my path under the muddy water.  I caught the edge of the old steel pipe and blew a tire.

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That's a big gash in the side wall.  No fixing this tire.  My spare was a stock tire which got the truck back to camp.  Once there Stephen was kind enough to lend me a compatible mud terrain tire that happened to be mounted on a Toyota rim. Thanks Stephen. That allowed me to play some more over the weekend without a using my only spare.

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Eric taking it out for a spin

Before heading out to Dinner we took a quick trip over to a fun play spot, we call The Pit.  Short steep walls, water, mud, and plain old fun.  We usually take time to play here. 

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Jeff's son, Jake had fun ripping
around the flat trails on his Cart.

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