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Around the Camp Fire

Saturday night, as dusk fell, we dug the snow out of the camp fire pit, as Joe dished out his famous venison chili that had been simmering on the wood stove for a few hours.  Later we hit our favorite Steakhouse for dinner.  That night, with the stars out we did a little star gazing and looked for satellites and shooting stars.  We weren't disappointed.  Some of us even did a little night wheeling and deer spotting towards midnight.  Some fog was rolling in and we saw an interesting layer of fog about 3 feet thick hovering about 5 feet off the ground.  Very eerie.  Overall we had a blast.

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The Saranac complemented Joe's awesome venison Chili perfectly.
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You know what all these one
dollar bills can buy me at that club later???

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And So wraps up another winter up in the Mountains of PA.  See you in the spring.


"I feel more like I do now
than I did when I got here."
Saturday Night
(Nobody asked...)

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