ww-hdr.gif (19349 bytes) Winter Wheelin at Camp

doe-be-gone.gif (14428 bytes)We set off to the cabin in mid January for our yearly migration to do some winter wheeling.  The weather was good.  Over-cast with temperature hovering around the mid 20's during the day.  Not bad.  Projections for the night were even better with clear skies and mid teens.  Winters up here can be either brutal or a blast.  This year was one of the better years.  Lots of snow but the the better, lighter type as opposed to a few years back where snow and rain had created a mixture that was difficult to get anywhere in. This year after a Saturday full of wheeling in the white stuff we got back to camp, built a bonfire and dished out venison chill and Saranac beers.  Later that night we hit dinner at our favorite steakhouse and then back to camp for some sky gazing.  Overall it was a great weekend.   

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Plowing into a drift in front of the gate proved difficult to back out of.
Dcp_1465.jpg (4149 bytes) Dcp_1464.jpg (4653 bytes)
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Getting in a little target shooting before a day of wheeling.
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This short steep icy hillside proved difficult for my Locked Toyota Pickup to ascend requiring a pull from Stephen's Land Cruiser.

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Dcp_1471.jpg (6333 bytes) Dcp_1472.jpg (7926 bytes)


     Winter Wheelin'    
Welcome to Camp Doe-Be-Gone
Down the Valley
Yellow Snow, Anyone?
Virtually There (360 Image)
Taking the High Road
Feeling like a Chainsaw
Life is Full of Ruts
Back to Camp and Dinner

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