ww-hdr.gif (19349 bytes) Winter Wheelin at Camp Doe-Be-Gone

As we get a little older and a little wiser (a little) we always consider the terrain when everything is snow covered.  Some areas we don't go to during the winter having learned from past trips.  Things can get a little treacherous when the trails get iced over up here.  Also many of the trails venture down into the valley on steep windy trails, some with drop-offs that could send a sliding vehicle to the bottom real quick.  We avoided those such trails choosing to save those for spring time.  We're here to have fun, not work.   So we routed our way to some great fun spots.

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What do you do when you lock your keys
in your Grand Cherokee?
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     Winter Wheelin'    
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Yellow Snow, Anyone?
Virtually There (360 Image)
Taking the High Road
Feeling like a Chainsaw
Life is Full of Ruts
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