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From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.

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 Guide to: All Terrain & Mud Tire Reviews Off road Tires for ATV, SUV, Light Truck and 4x4s .

MAXXIS M961/M962
Mud Bug ATV Tire Reviews


MAXXIS M961/M962 Mud Bug
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MAXXIS M961/M962 Mud Bug
The Maxxis Mud Bug features extra deep lugs to provide maximum traction in muddy terrain. In addition, angled tread bars divert mud away from the tire for improved grip. The Mud Bug is 6-ply rated for greater puncture resistance and is available in larger sizes to provide needed ground clearance.


Features & Benefits
  Comprehensive tread pattern delivers superior traction in mud, without sacrificing performance or ride comfort.
  30 mm tread bar height provides superior traction in the deepest mud.
  6-ply rating for excellent puncture resistance.
  Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) Technology delivers strength, reduces weight, and sheds mud.
  Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) add to the overall tread lug strength.
  Sweeping, angled tread bars move mud out from the tread, enabling riders to tackle the most extreme riding conditions.
  One of the lightest mud tires on the market and easy to mount.
  When mounting oversized tires on your ATV, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance
  • Comprehensive tread pattern delivers superior traction in mud, without sacrificing performance or ride comfort.
  • Reinforced Carcass Ridge (RCR) Technology delivers strength, reduces weight and sheds mud.
  • Dual Stage Lugs (DSL) add to the overall tread lug strength.
TD = Tread Depth
25X12.00-9 1.2
23x8.00-10 1.2
23X11.00-10 1.2
25x11.00-10 1.2
25x12.00-10 1.2
26X12.00-10 1.2
27X12.00-10 1.2
23X8.00-11 1.2
24X9.00-11 1.2
25X10.00-11 1.2
25X12.00-11 1.2
26X12.00-11 1.2
25X8.00-12 1.2
25X10.00-12 1.2
26x10.00-12 1.2
26X12.00-12 1.2
27x8.00-12 1.2
27X10.00-12 1.2
27X12.00-12 1.2
28X10.00-12 1.2
28X12.00-12 1.2


About Maxxis

Maxxis ATV Tires - Maxxis sets the standard for producing the toughest, most durable tires on the market. Both competitive and recreational riders agree that Maxxis ATV tires are the best. "Maxxis ATV tires simply outperform and outlast the competition," says 4-time Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Champion Bill Ballance.

Each tire combines superb puncture resistance with a tread designed for maximum traction and performance. With a selection ranging from sport quads to utility quads, from recreational riding or pro racing, there's a Maxxis product for everyone.

Maxxis also provides OE fitments for several ATV manufacturers.

Maxxis has its U.S. headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia, with other U.S. facilities in California and Texas. Internationally, Maxxis has facilities in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Germany, and Canada. Worldwide, Maxxis employs more than 15,000 people, with distribution in over 130 countries. 

Maxxis International - USA
545 Old Peachtree Road
Suwanee, GA 30024, USA
Tel: (800) 4.MAXXIS
Tel: (770) 962-5932
Fax: (770) 962-7705

User Reviews

I have a Honda 500 Foreman with a set of 27-8-12 and 27-12-12 Mud Bug tires. This tire is very light and has a good ride. The steering is very easy and smooth. I had my Honda in over 2 ft. of mud and made it to the other side of the mud bog. If you like to play in the mud and have a super ride this is the tire to go with!
-Steven Beshears

I bought this tire in the fall of 2005. I have never had a tire perform like this one has in mud, snow, dry, rocky, it doesn't matter once the huge tire lugs get a bite you will go through whatever lays in front of you. Maxxis you really hit a grand slam with these tires. Nothing even comes close to the Maxxis Mud Bug.
-Jason Rhodes

I had Mud Bug tires on my 300 4x4 Honda and I loved them. Even though they are called a mud tire, they were excellent in the rocks, snow, hard pack, etc. I went with other tires for my new '06 Vinson. I am now going back to the Mud Bugs because the other tires take up too much power in rolling resistance (I noticed this right away just pushing the ATV around in the shop). Thanks Maxxis for a great tire!
-William Stewart

I have 25 inch Mud Bugs on my 06 Yamaha Rhino. I use these tires in rocky desert terrain. These tires have incredible traction, zero vibration on hard pack roads, and a compound that doesn't tear up in the rocks.
-Eric Heaton

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Its trying but not doing too well.  You'd be better off choosing another for this terrain.

Average.  Its doing ok, not great but its holding its own.  A decent choice if you're compromising.

This tire does very well in this terrain but its not the best tire available however still a very good choice.

This tire performs exceptionally well in this terrain.  Among the best suited for this terrain.

Size Availability - This is a one to three thumbs up snapshot rating where one mean poor selection, two means ok and three means great.  Check with suppliers or manufacturers for actual available sizes.  While this rating system is vague, we couldn't possibly list all available sizes with size selection changing over time.  Please see manufacturer for list of sizes in production.

Money Bags - This is an average cost scale based on an averaged advertised cost of this tire when compared to other tires.  One money bag represents the tire is typically one of the cheapest available while 5 money bags indicates that this tire is one of the most expensive.  Averages are based on the tires reviewed.

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