Wet Wheelin'
Let it rain, we're wheelin' anyway...

When we look back on 2003, one thing that some of us northeasters will remember is the rain.  It just seems like it's raining constantly this year.  Funny because last year at this time it was a dust bowl with serious drought conditions.  Not this year.  Aside from Friday, which happen to be the first rain-free Friday in 14 weeks, it rained all weekend. Just like last weekend and the weekend before and today for that matter (...it's raining right now.)  What was set to be a great weekend, with new and old vehicles wasn't about to get bogged down by a little rain.  So with rain in the forecast we all made our way up to our favorite wheeling location in central PA.

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What was new on this trip was a couple of Jeeps set to hit the trails after being transformed into trail Jeeps, rescued from previous lives.  Paul's 1966 hardtop "WTF" CJ5 outfitted with 33" Super Swamper Boggers, 2 1/2" lift, a rear Locker in the stock Dana 44 driven by a fresh F-head 134ci 4 popper was one that did amazingly well with no problems on any of the weekends obstacles.  Also on this trip was a 1978 CJ-7 on it's first-ever offroad outing.  After about 2 1/2 years of frame up restoration, this almost too clean Jeep hit the trails to do what it was built for.  Equipped with an AMC 360, T-18A, Dana 20 and Dana 44's front and rear and outfitted with 33" Super Swamper SSR's, this CJ-7 is one of the vehicle projects documented in Offroaders.com (Project CJ-7).

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Image1.jpg (47131 bytes)Friday was a day of towing. The 66 CJ-5 and the 78 CJ-7 were towed about 280 miles up the PA Turnpike across Rt.80 for most of the mid-morning and afternoon until we arrive around 4:30pm. Almost by chance Carl hooked up with us at the 80/PA turnpike junction.  We arrived and met up with Jeff soon after and Stephen who made the trek the night before. After some initial trail prep work, we were underway.  Time to wheel.  Down into the valley, across the stream and to our favorite mud hole.

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The Jeep CJ7 
Taking a Dip

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