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The next day we decided to take a run down a trail that we only lately started going back to.  Last time up here we took a branch of this trail only to find that it ended abruptly.  This time were were going to take a branch that took a hard turn up the mountain.  This trail required several more bouts with the chainsaw to clear the way.

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  Later was took a run through the lower areas of the valley.


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There was nothing wrong with this fawn.  In fact it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do when it felt threatened.  Hide and let the camoflauged markings blend it into the underbrush.  We saw this baby deer cross the trail and take cover as we approached.  Somewhere in the woods was a worried mother watching us and it's newly born fawn.  We wisely kept our distance and watched for an angry mother as we snapped off a few pictures.

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