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Our first run out on Friday was to a trail we call Corkscrew because of the way it runs up and around a sort of round mountain getting higher as it goes. To get to the trail we have to take trail that goes down the south side of a valley and cuts down into the valley at a tree stand clearing and crosses over the creek. Once we cross the creek and rise up to and cross over the railroad tracks, we come to this point.   This trail we discovered last summer.  It's an old logging trail that hasn't been logged for probably 30-40 years or more.  It starts with a steep climb up to an upper trail.  At this point we start the circular loop around the mountain. 

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Also at this location are several trails that branch out in different directions.  Only one other trail had we followed in the past.  At some point we'll scout out the rest.  At this point we like to take this trail because of the hill climbs and rock crawling we find here.  Once we hit the top of the mountain it quickly and unexpectedly opens up to a large field.  From there we drive a little around the edge and out to an old gravel road.

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