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4 Wheeling offroad at the peak of the fall season

Cheez Waffies!

Cheez Waffies made by Wise. You might be thinking, what's a Cheez Waffie and what does it have to do with 4 wheeling?  First, a Cheez Waffie is an odd little waffle-like sandwich with this disgusting cheez-like stuff in the middle.  They're hard to find yet Wise still makes them in limited quantities.  Many people who remember these think they were discontinued.  But fear not!  They're still around!  Man I hope these aren't a decade old, found in some warehouse and sold on Ebay... now I'm eating them.   Oh, and no, they got nothing to do with 4 wheeling.  Except for the fact that one of the guys with us, kept breaking out a new bag once in a while all weekend.  For some strange reason we kept eating them.  urp.. ugh.


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As they describe them ... Sandwich zesty cheese between crispy waffle wafers and you’ve got one scrumptious snack. Cheez Waffies are full of the cheesy flavor you crave.  Mmm...

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Cheez Waffies made by Wise Foods Inc. This snack is one of 116 cheese flavored snacks and 4 sandwiches reviewed by this site.

CHEEZ WAFFIES This guy's favorite snack food.
"For cheese lovers only! With so much cheezy flavor in every bite, Wise 'Cheez Waffies' are for the serious cheese lovers. The zesty cheese you crave is sandwiched between two crispy waffle wafers, so each mouthful is the ultimate blend of cheese and crunch!"

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As we trucked along the old mountain trails that have been here for a hundred years, we saw a porcupine scaling a tree.  We all jumped out with cameras in hand to get a few pictures of this large fella.

We kept a good distance from the tree this big guy was scaling as he climbed to get as far away from us as he could.  We got a few good pictures and continued along up the mountain.


 We had a few fallen trees to clear along these old trails.  Usually they're old dead trees who's roots had rotted, toppling the tree.   The standard equipment chainsaw made for quick removal and a clear trail again.







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