Trip date - November 4, 2001
Destination - Hazelton PA - Paragon Adventure Park

Rated as one of the best 4x4 destinations in the North East, Paragon Adventure Park has lived up to it's reputation.  With an expansive 15,000+ acres of prime 4x4 territory, Paragon offers trails from the mild to wild, from mud to rocks to forest trails to hill climbs.   As one of several groups that were on the trails that day, we were riding the trails that were rated 3 on the scale below.  Other vehicles that we saw as our paths cross on the trail were several groups of ATV's and motorcycles, a few groups of stock and moderately modified vehicles and a groups of Hummers that look ready for some serious action.  We had a fantastic November day for wheeling with temperatures getting up in the high 60's and bright sun.

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Paragon Trail RATINGS
1     Dirt and/or gravel roads. Some bumps along the way, but can be navigated in 2wd.
2     Rig damage unlikely. Some challenges to offer the newbie or stock vehicle. Scenic.
3     Moderately difficult terrain. Offers challenges for vehicles with 31" tires and mild lifts.
4     More Difficult terrain with extreme rock-crawling. Recommended 33" tires and 3" or more of lift, winch, locker and skid plates.
5     Most Extreme rock-crawling. Recommended 35" or more
tire size, winch, 4" or more of lift (more is better), and lockers
both ends.
For more information on trail rides at Paragon Adventure Park please visit their web site:
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