Rock Crawling at Paragon Adventure Park

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Located near Hazelton Pennsylvania on 15,000 privately own acres is what is known as Paragon Adventure Park.  Paragon Adventure Park is privately owned, world class 4x4 adventure park which organizations use for guided events.  Our trip was hosted and organized by OK Four Wheel Drive in New Jersey.  If you are lucky enough to take one of these trips you will travel through some of the best offroading terrain in this part of the country.

On Sunday, April 25th,  a small group of offroad vehicles gathered for a trailride at Paragon Adventure Park to, for the most part, become familiar with the trails.   Those who were along for the trip were to be, in two weeks, trail guides for the upcoming trip dubbed "Rock Krawl '99".  While this meant pre-planning, mapping and marking trails it didn't mean you couldn't have fun and play on some of the most remarkable trails I've seen in Pennsylvania.

The Day began as most offroad excusions usually begin.  People meeting at pre-planned places along the way.  I rode with Mike, aka: The JeepFan, in his orange CJ5.   Using both a 35mm and a palm camcorder, I did the best I could to capture the action of the day.

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After the group gathered and discussed the plans for the day as well as last minute checks to the vehicles we headed out of Hazelton to Paragon Adventure Park.

Once we made our entrance into the park the group broke off into smaller groups who were going to follow different trails.  Different trails for different levels of difficulty.   Our group consisted of four Jeeps one Suzuki Samari and later we were jointed by a Toyota 4Runner towards the end of the day..

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On to the trails!

Round 1 of Pics

Round 2 of Pics

Round 3 of Pics
Round 4 of Pics
Round 5 of Pics
Winch out
Drive shaft
Rock Crawl '99


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