Four Wheeling at
"the cabin"



Every year, several times a year, a small group and sometimes a larger group of us will get together and head up to north-central Pennsylvania to "the cabin". This 150 or so acres is in the middle of some of the most beautiful deep woods terrain in Pennsylvania. Bordered by miles of old time logging trails one could get lost without some knowledge of the land (or a GPS). Most of the trails offer a medium challenge to the average off-road vehicle although some trails tend to be down right treacherous. For the most part though an afternoon of just navigating these beautiful, fern covered peaks, valleys and mountain sides is a great way to exercise your low gears and have fun. By the way, that's about as far into the deep woods as that 82 Honda Prelude in the foreground was able to get. From here on in it's 4x4 territory.

These pictures just don't do this place justice. This spot was so beautiful we stopped to get a drink from the mountain spring stream. Yes, there are a few pure streams left up here.

This spring feed mud patch is the very same swamp that the
Toyota Land Cruiser got hung up in in the middle of January 1997.

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