Dead of Winter...Dead Stuck...


One January Afternoon in North Central Pennsylvania, the temperature was 0 F, but that wasn't about to stop us from having "fun". Besides, we were in a Toyota Land Cruiser with front and rear locking differentials. What's a little snow?    
What we didn't know was that there was spring fed, muddy, slimy, unfrozen water under that snow. The tires cracked through the 6 inches of ice leaving the under carriage of the Land Cruiser hung up and the tires spinning freely.
winch-out1.jpg (15324 bytes)
First we thought we could winch out.  Unfortunately the vehicle was so locked in that the winch line felt like it was going to snap.  Forget that idea.


Can't pull it out with the come-along, the other truck is too far
back to help pull it out, only one thing to do....start digging.

Five ton jack, it's a must!
inspect-situation.jpg (22831 bytes)
After 4 and a half hours in zero degree weather, a load of fire wood, planks, 2x4's, 2x6's, shovels, straps, jacks and team work we finally got it out. Dead tired we headed to the local diner known as Mitches Diner.
after-math22.jpg (22510 bytes)
This is looking back from where the Land Cruiser was stuck. Where the vehicle is in the background is about as close as another truck could get without risking getting stuck itself.
after-math23.jpg (20058 bytes)
This is where the Land Cruiser met it's match.  Today, thanks to the loggers,  this spot has been covered by gravel with a drain pipe channeling the spring water away. 
warm-up1.jpg (18843 bytes)
Warming up just before some dinner.

Five Below Zero!

Yes folks, that says 5F below zero. 
This picture was take during the day so this may have been the high temperature for that day.
mountain-man.jpg (13079 bytes)
Mountain man or felon... You be the judge.
(Click on his face for a better look at his mug shot)

steamin.jpg (20291 bytes)

This is the view from the Ice Box.

This is the Ice Box.


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