Mountain Maneuvers

The weather for this weekend is mountains of PA was cool clear and brilliantly sunny. But a cloud hung over the off road events. Less than a week before our country was attacked by cowardly terrorists. With the roar of generators out back of each of our base camps, we were periodically glued to televisions and car radios to learn the latest on what is happening and what we could learn. With more than half of our group canceling the trip for reasons some related to the events of 09/11/2001, we pressed on to enjoy our weekend and vent our angry, more though discussion and distraction than to thrash our vehicles.

One of the more uplifting moment came while the group was watching one truck attempt to ascend a hill climb when over the ridge at tree-top level came not one, but two C-130's military aircrafts practicing Mountain Maneuvers below the radar. If our surprise is any indicator of how well our troops will do in getting these terrorists I have to say I have no doubt we will get the job done. We barely had the time to get off any photos even though everyone had a camera in hand. We were lucky to get a few shots off and we have post them in this report.

MP3 of God Bless the U.S.A.

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