Centralia   Pennsylvania

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No longer in use this road is blocked by a large fallen tree.  Probably killed by the nearby gas emmissions and underground heat.


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The picture of this building was taken a few years ago and no longer stands.  An apparrent victim of the collapsing ground.

Photo courtesy of:
Karl Xydexx Jorgensen


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Another picture of what appeared to be a large sink hole with gases escaping from below.


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This home was once part of a line of row homes.  Notice the tall pillars of brick on the left side of the home.  These pillars have taken the place of other homes that once helped to support the walls of this house.  The number spray painted on the front of this home indicated at one time that this house was scheduled to be demolished.  This home no longer stands.
Photo courtesy of:
Karl Xydexx Jorgensen


lone-rowhome5.jpg (21155 bytes)

Another lonely row home.

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This hill side is above the damaged section of route 61 and on the opposite side of the hill where the large area of smoldering ground lies.

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These rocks, although it is hard to tell from the pictures, are covered with white crustal deposits are a mineral called "Apjohnite".  The massive colored deposits surrounding other vents (particularly off of rt 61 at the subsidence site) are a mineral called "Tsermigite". For more scientific information on the deposits around the thermal vents please read this study.

The rocks are hot to the touch and some are simply too hot to handle.  The smell of sulphur is quite strong in this area.

hot-spot.jpg (10682 bytes)

Taken at some point years ago this hot spot shows some exposed flame and burning coal.


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