Centralia   Pennsylvania

Historical Photographs of the Centralia area. Click on the pictures for larger images.
Photos sent in by Robert Evans, Hazelton PA.

cent62-s.jpg (10202 bytes)
cent62b-s.jpg (11800 bytes)
These two pictures above were taken in the early 60's.   
cent-high.jpg (18767 bytes)

Centralia High School, 1912

rrdepot.jpg (16722 bytes)

Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger and Freight Depot, Photo taken in 1914

russian-orthodox1940-s.jpg (13549 bytes)

Russian Orthodox Church, East Park St. 1940

rrcrossing.jpg (17833 bytes)

Lehigh Valley Railroad Crossing at North Locust Ave, 1905

holy-trinity1963-s.jpg (13479 bytes)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 1963

meth-ep-church.jpg (12022 bytes)

Methodist Episcopal Church, West Center St. 1914

locust-north-s.jpg (11738 bytes)

Locust Ave looking North, 1910

locust.-south-s.jpg (11843 bytes)

Locust Ave looking South, 1915

colliery1864-s.jpg (12333 bytes)

J.M. Freck & Company Centralia Colliery, 1864

colliery1894-s.jpg (16283 bytes)

North Ashland Colliery at Buck's Patch, 1894

colliery1928-s.jpg (12925 bytes)

Lehigh Valley Coal Company, Centralia Colliery, 1928

colliery1962-s.jpg (8780 bytes)

Hazel Dell Slope, Lance Coal Company, 1962

strip-mining1963-s.jpg (18768 bytes)

Coal strip Mining in Centralia, 1963

minefire62.jpg (14791 bytes)

First Mine Fire Project, Labor Day 1962



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