Jeep Cherokee in Icy WaterVehicle Recovery

Recovery Straps Usage

The right recovery straps and how to use them can make the difference if you can pull your vehicle out safely or if you have to wait on a tow truck. A high quality strap without hooks …read more

How to Execute a Snatch Recovery

A Snatch recovery is where a bogged vehicle is recovered by using a mobile vehicle to pull the stuck vehicle free. A Snatch recovery differs from a normal tow recovery because the line… read more

Tips on Jacking Your Vehicle

By far, the best jack for four wheel drives is the Hi-lift type. It can lift virtually any vehicle and, with the aid of chains, it can be used as a winch…read more

25 Tips to do before going Offroad

Everyone should have a checklist. A list of what to pack for camping, recovery, repair, food, water, you get the idea. But what about that checklist of what to check on the vehicle before you head down the road? Here are 25 tips to review before you head for the trails….read more

Basic Guide to Winching Techniques

Every winching situation has the potential for personal injury. In order to minimize that risk, it is important that you read this Basic Guide carefully, familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch before having to use it, and be constantly safety oriented. In this Guide, we will set forth many of the basic rules of safe winch operation. However, because every winching situation is different, your constant good judgment and consistent focus on safety are of great importance. read more

Comprehensive Offroad Checklist

From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped. Offroaders Guide to Gearing up for Offroad…read more


traveling-trailsOffroad Driving

Water Crossing, Water Fording

As an opening statement it should be said that a water crossing should not be attempted by the inexperienced, especially deep water crossings. A water crossing can be fatal… read more

Hill Navigation Techniques

 It is usually best to tackle a hill climb that’s any sort of challenge in low range. Although you may be able to just reach the top of a hill climb…read more


Navigating Rocky Terrain

This type of terrain is one where vehicle type is very important. Ground clearance and suspension travel are two of the main criteria. High ground clearance allows the larger rocks to pass underneath without contacting vulnerable vehicle parts while good suspension travel allows the wheels to remain in contact with the ground… read more


Getting through Mud

It has been said that driving through mud is a cross between ice skating and walking through quicksand. Though that may be true with some types of mud, the truth is mud varies greatly depending on where you are in the world… read more

How much do Mud Tires Matter?

The one general common principle of mud is that it is a combination of liquid and solid; that is water and Earth. The Earth may be sandy soil, topsoil, clay, ice and snow, rocks and gravel, bog and peat moss, all kinds of Earth material and/or a combination of all of that and more. The common factor in all of this is that your tires are trying to find traction through all of this. So how can you “read the mud” and know what’s the best approach with the right equipment? … read more

Techniques for Driving in Sand

The fundamental theme with sand driving is to conserve your momentum. Since traction is at a premium, any increase in speed can be difficult, if not impossible, and you do not want to lose any momentum, as you may not be able to regain it. The first thing to do before driving on sand is to lower your tire pressures. This is done to provide … read more

Things you should know about the terrain

Most offroad driving is a matter of common sense and, often, seat of the pants intuition. The first rule is never to … read more

Effective Winter Driving

Even if you never take your 4×4 off-road, you’ll be glad you have it when the snow falls and the roads get slippery. The extra traction you get when all four wheels are pulling gives you a margin of safety a two wheel drive vehicles just can’t deliver. But keep these points in mind: … read more

Off-Road Truck Driving Techniques and Safety

As truck ownership has increased in America, so has the amount of off-highway recreation. There is no special license required to drive off-road, even though there are many different techniques and practices involved. There does exist an often unspoken etiquette that is practiced by old-school four-wheelers, which developed not just so that everyone can get along on the trail, but, primarily, for safety considerations. … read more



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