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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock
Crawling Machine.


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285/75 r16 on a Discovery II

Unlike most of the other posts I am not going to brag how I "Never get stuck." (this a ridiculous statement to make) or how "I got threw this mud hole while my friend on 52s got stuck blah blah." Every situation is different, every rig is different..

Instead I am going to state that these tires Do clear very well in the mud which is, debated, the #1 factor for a Mud tire. The ability to clear mud well, effectively leads to the ability to get more traction on each passing rotation of the tire as it pulls it self through the terrain, in this case mud.

Very few tires can do this exceptionally well. Most popular being Interco's TSL series which do a great job at performing this task. Though, other brand names such as BFG, Cooper, Dick Cepek, Maxxis, Pro comp ect. posses large lugs to pull themselves through mud. The failing factor for Many of these M/T tires is there Inability to clear mud solely because the engineering design of these tires allows for the center tread to clog and hold mud within their grooves Instead of releasing the mud as the tire rotates.

With this being said the Firestone Destination M/T tire performs magnificently in mud. The tread design is one-of-a-kind allowing mud Not to clog the center tread but rather release or "clear" all mud from its quarters.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "Firestone Destination MT Mud Tire" by Editor - posted: Mon July 9, 2007 - Rating: ********* 9.21

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