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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock
Crawling Machine.


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Views: 917454

these came on my 05 rubicon, horrible wet weather traction, locks up on wet pavement under braking, tendency to slide while cornering. Not very good on muddy trails, lots of wheel spin needed to clean the tread. I had them siped, which didn't improve wet weather traction, but did speed up the already fast wear these tires had. I was just not satisfied with this tire, have replaced with the wild country sxt mud terrains, which are hands down a much better tire in every aspect than the mt/r.

Rating: 2
Product Details: "Goodyear Wrangler MTR" by Editor - posted: Thu January 25, 2007 - Rating: ******* 7.05


Views: 735126

i have the 33/13.5/16's ltb, they started life on my 01 cummins, but shortly after i trade for a 2005 rubicon, i gladly traded the goodyear mtr's for this tire, they do vibrate and hum on road, but offer good traction on wet and dry pavement, the wear has been pretty good, have about 30,000 miles on them in 3 years and have just now hit the wear indcators. Offroad they are awesome, rocks, trails, snow and sand have never been a problem, even in 2wd, they are tough, never had a punture to the tread or sidewalls, they do take some weight to balance, but in the 3 years i've had them, they have only been balanced twice. They do take some power to turn, but the i-6 in my jeep does pretty well with them. Would recommend this tire to everyone, they are priced great, offer outstanding offroad capability, and will get you home at the end of the day.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Super Swamper LTB Mud Terrain" by Editor - posted: Tue January 30, 2007 - Rating: ********* 8.62

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