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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock
Crawling Machine.


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I run 235/85 16's on my 2004 Silverado 2500HD with stock suspension. I drive 90% on pavement, but when I am off road I need capable tires. I always add some weight to the truck bed when I'm looking for traction in snow or ice on pavement, or when off-road. I just purchased my second set of these tires. The first set performed flawlessly for 110,000 km's. All on/off road tires are a compromise. I get good milage and predictable handling under all hard surface applications, and excellent performance on gravel and dirt roads. I do use the tire in true off road conditions including very deep mud. These tires have never let me down, but I do agree that deep sand and bottomless mud is beyond the design capabilites of these tires, as it is with any dual prupose tire, so I stay out of the deep stuff when I can and I carry a winch. In my opinion, for deep mud and sand only a specialized tire will do, and you have to put up with the noise, poor milage, tread squirm, rapid wear, poor handling and reduced wheel well clearance that comes with a full on mud tire.

I run relatively narrow 235'85's, and this helps a lot. My truck might look better with 285/75's, but the wider contact patch reduces traction, and this is a traction tire. It is one thing to compromise between on and off road service, and another to simply compromise performance for looks. When folks put overly wide/large tires on thier vehicles for asthetic reasons, it seems unfair to criticise the tire for poor performance.

This is a great tire, and for me, offers the best compromise between a road tire and an off-road tire, but putting the right sized tire on your vehicle for the kind of driving that you do is an extreemly important place to start.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO Tire" by Editor - posted: Tue January 30, 2007 - Rating: ******* 7.08

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